Here’s an alluring tale of my early days in Hollywood…


I moved to Hollywood as a twenty-something-year-old without a care in the world. On a whim, my best friend Lenny and I dropped everything we were doing at the time and used what little cash we had to rent a miniature studio apartment, right along Sunset Boulevard. Being two adult-sized men and sharing a living space that was no bigger than your broom closet, we were both itching to get some alone time, so you can imagine how elated I was when Lenny informed me that he would be spending the summer in the Philipines, visiting family.

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In the early stages of my exotic dancing odyssey, my determination to network within the male stripping community was at an all-time high. Call it passion, or perhaps, just blind optimism, but I was under the assumption that becoming a real-life Magic Mike was achievable. Creating a social networking empire within the lucrative business of erotic entertainment was well within my grasp.

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