It’s rare to find a friend that just gets you on so many levels, to me, Bill was that friend. The Braggadocious Beefcake was an older, wiser, and wilder version of myself.


“How much longer until he gets out?” My cameraman’s eyes were bloodshot red, the product of a wild night of drinking and snorting all up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

My beady eyes squinted against the harsh reflection that was radiating off the pavement, set in by the desert heat. It was the middle of summer, and the temperature was well over a hundred degrees, even if it was past six in the evening. My hangover was bad, very bad, and it didn’t help that I had stayed out until the wee hours of the morning, before heading to the airport at five a.m. The airport was where our world had come crashing down.

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This is the true story of four young men, with a dream in their hearts, and stars in their eyes…

Magic Boys

“How long is this fucking thing going to take?” My best friend asked me while we waited in the lobby of a production studio, “I’m fiending for a bump, big time.”

“Soon, just try and relax for me,” I begged my case, nervously checking my watch for the umpteenth time. I knew that we were skating on thin ice.

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